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Housekeepers' Capacity as a Supply of Labour

estimation from the distribution of housework time

TANAKA Sigeto (http://www.sal.tohoku.ac.jp/~tsigeto/)

Nihon Roudou Kenkyuu Zassi (Japanese Journal of Labour Studies). No. 493: pp.4-14, 78. (August 2001). ISSN 0916-3808.
Special Issue: Housewives and Labour Market.


(from p. 78)

The distribution of housework time spent by "katei huzin" [housewives] is drawn from the National Time Use Survey (conducted by the NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute). The difference between their housework time and the standard working time is used to estimate how much labour can be supplied by housekeepers. The findings show that the estimated amount of time housekeepers could supply is too small to offset the labour shortage that is predicted arise from demographic changes.

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