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Escape from the Gender Stratification System

TANAKA Sigeto (tsigeto(AT)nik.sal.tohoku.ac.jp)

To be read at the 103rd meeting of Society for the Study of Social Policy, 2001-10-20, Tohoku Gakuin University.


The author distinguish five causes of gender inequality in earning power: (1) discrimination in the labor market; (2) differnce in human capital investments before entering the labor market; (3) trade-off between paid work and unpaid housework; (4) the sexual division of labor; (5) wage differencial between the work-centered career and the family-centered career. The enough and nessesaly condition to vanish the gender ineuqlity is that (A) both of the causes (1) (2) vanish and (B) one of the causes (3) (4) (5) vanish. The author asseses gender-equal policies against some combination of the causes.
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