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An Analysis of the Sexual Division of Labor

Current Realities and Prospects for Change

TANAKA Sigeto (tsigeto(AT)nik.sal.tohoku.ac.jp)

A doctoral dissertation submitted to Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University. October, 1999.

A reprint edition is published by Kwansei Gakuin University Press. Catalogue number: KGUP-0000778-2000-03.

National Institute of Informatics Online cataloging system (NACSIS-CAT) number (NCID): BA45965943

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Table of contents (tentative translation)

Page numbers are in brackets.

Summary [ii]
Contents [iv]
The way of references in this paper [vi]
1. Perspective [1]
1.1. The sexual division of labor in the modern social sturucture [1]
1.2. The feminist movement at a blockade? [1] 1.3. The aim of this paper [4]
2. The Concept and the Measurement of the Sexual Division of Labor [7]
2.1. Perspective to measure changes in the sexual division of labor [7]
2.2. Reformalizing the sexual division of labor [8] 2.3. Trends in the openness in time-buget data [15] 2.4. Women's employment and the sexual division of labor [24]
3. Reassesing Trends in Women's Employment [29]
3.1. From studies on women's labor to those on the sexual division of labor [29]
3.2. Employment rate and modification on it [29] 3.3. The childcare shift and the M-shaped curve [36] 3.4. Examing occupational history data [39] 3.5. Concluding remarks [52]
4. Work-Family Choices: The Couple-Unitary Strategy [54]
4.1. Economic model of employment behavior and the Douglas's law perspective [54] 4.2. Labor market structure and the sexual division of labor [62] 4.3. Sex differencials in the opportunity cost [66] 4.4. Concluding remarks [76]
5. Prospect for Change [79]
5.1. Our findings [79] 5.2. The new rules of work-family choices [79] 5.3. The third strategy [84]
Bibliography [86]
Format of the list below [86]
Bibliographical list [86]


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