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Family Change in Quantitative Perspective

Workshop at Tohoku University (2010-10-17)

Project Family Change in an Aging Society with Low Fertility will hold a workshop on Family Change in Quantitative Perspective. This workshop is part of Hagi Seminar, a series of lectures, presentations, and discussions, annually held by Tohoku University Global COE Program

Everyone is welcome to the workshop, without reservation. We hope fruitful discussions among those who are interested in family changes in recent Japan.

[Poster (PDF 180 kb)] [Invitation letter (PDF 20 kb)]


Date: 2010-10-17 (Sun.) 9:30-12:30
Venue: Tohoku University, Katahira Campus
Room 302 on the 3rd floor of the Extended Education and Research Building
(Katahira 2-1-1, Aoba ku, Sendai)
Theme: Family Change in Quantitative Perspective: Inequality, Consciousness, and Lifecourse in Recent Japan
Chair: TANAKA Sigeto (Tohoku Univ.) [Abstract PDF] [Slides PDF]
KATO Akihiko (Meiji Univ.). The Japanese Family System: Change, Continuity, and Regionality. [Abstract PDF] [Slides PDF]
NISHINO Michiko (Toyo Univ.). Changes in Consciousness on Family. [Slides PDF]
SUZUKI Fumiko (Sunkutoku Univ.). Employment Patterns and Work-Life Balance for Married Women. [Slides PDF]
INABA Akihide (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.). Trends of Unstandard Families in Japan: Distribution and Their Experience [Slides PDF]

Location and Access

The workshop will be held in a new building constructed in this year, on the ground floor of which the Research Center for Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality (GEMC) is located.

* No childcare service/facility will be provided.

* Hagi Seminar offered a concurrent international workshop for the same time slot in the next-door room 301: “Dynamism of Gender Politics in Contemporary Muslim Societies” (Organaized by TSUJIMURA Miyoko) focusing on Turkey, Iran, and Arabic legal reforms.


Inquiries should be addressed to TANAKA Sigeto.

The official WWW site of the GCOE Program, Gender Equality and Multicultural Conviviality in the Age of Globalization, provides some information.

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