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Reconciling Work and Family

issues and policies in Japan
ABE Masahiro + HAMAMOTO Chizuka + TANAKA Sigeto <tsigeto(AT)nik.sal.tohoku.ac.jp>
(Dokkyo University; Daito Bunka University; Tohoku University)
Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 5.
Published by International Labour Office (2003).
ISBN 92-2-114265-5 (softcover); 92-2-114266-3 (PDF)



This is a report for ILO's Conditions of Work and Employment Programme. This report examines a wide variety of issues such as law, family system, economic conditions, policies, and so on.



I. Introduction and context

II. Family trends: The implications for work of changing family needs

III. Working conditions and family support measures: Their impact on family

IV. What is missing? The gap between work-family needs and work-family support

IV. Overview of the major issues

V. Summary and conclusions


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