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Boolean Analysis with Multi-value Variables as Independent Variables

[Japanese summary]
TAROHMARU Hiroshi (taroh@koka.ac.jp)
TANAKA Sigeto (tsigeto(AT)nik.sal.tohoku.ac.jp)
Oosaka-daigaku Ningen-kagaku-bu Kiyou (Bulletin, Faculty of Human Sciences, Osaka University. ISSN 0387-4427), 23: p.169-183 (Mar, 1997).
Key words and phrases: Boolean analysis, Qualitative Comparative Analysis, comparative sociology.


Qualitative Comparative Analysis with Boolean algebra which was developed by Charles C. Ragin is not only a comparative method for intemational comparison, but also a method which has many other applications. Though this method has some merits, of course, it has some demerits also. One of the demerits is that this method cannot take independent variables other than 2-value variables. The aim of this paper is to remedy this limitation, namely to advance a new Boolean Analysis with multi-value variables as independent variables.

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TANAKA Sigeto (tsigeto(AT)nik.sal.tohoku.ac.jp)

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