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Employment, Social Security and Gender

Tohoku University COE Book Series, Volume 9
Editor= DAKE Sayaka + TANAKA Sigeto; Supervisor= TSUJIMURA Miyoko <http://www.law.tohoku.ac.jp/COE/>
(Tohoku University)

Tohoku University Press

Date: 2007-05-31
ISBN: 978-4-86163-060-6
NCID: BA82426143
Length: 444 pages
Price: 2,310 yen

The followings are unauthorized translation. The original titles are on Japanese page.


Forword (TSUJIMURA Miyoko)

Table of Contents

Preface (TANAKA Sigeto) 1-2

Part 1. Current Realities and Issues in Japan

Part 2. Various Approaches toward Equality Part 3. Employment Policies Abroad Part 4. Social Security Policies Abroad Concluding Remarks (DAKE Sayaka) 435-438

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