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The Family and Women’s Economic Disadvantage

- a micro-macro problem for distributive justice
TANAKA S. <http://www.sal.tohoku.ac.jp/~tsigeto/>
(Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University)
Editors= Tsujimura Miyoko + Osawa Mari. Gender equality in multicultural societies: gender, diversity, and conviviality in the age of globalization. Tohoku University Press. (pp. 215-234) (2010-03-23)
Author: TANAKA Sigeto
Date: 2010-03-23
ISBN: 978-4-86163-135-1
NCID: BB01803690
Language: ENG
ReMCat: {2010:9784861631351}

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This file is made from manuscripts before proofreading. It is therefore not identical with the chapter of the published book.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Measurement of the economic disadvantages of women
  3. Failure of the family?
  4. Factors determining economic status following divorce
  5. Discussion

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The data for this secondary analysis, National Family Research of Japan 2003 (NFRJ03) by the NFRJ Committee, Japan Society of Family Sociology, was provided by the Social Science Japan Data Archive, Information Center for Social Science Research on Japan, Institute of Social Science, the University of Tokyo.


There are some errors in the published book as follows.

[Page 227, line 21] Insert “e” before “ducation” (=“education”)
[Page 230, line 14] Split the paragraph between “disadvantage.” and “We take an example”

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