{2013:9784861632266} TANAKA Sigeto. A quantitative picture of contemporary Japanese families: tradition and modernity in the 21st century (Tohoku University GCOE Project Research Book Series). Tohoku University Press (Sendai). . ISBN=9784861632266; NCID=BB12087266. Lang=ENG. || 田中 重人. (東北大学 GCOE プロジェクト研究成果シリーズ). 東北大学出版会 (仙台). .

Preface (pp. iv-x): Tanaka Sigeto. "Preface". Lang=ENG. || 田中 重人.

Chapter 1 (pp. 3-12): KUBONO Emiko. "Relationship between parents and children over the age of majority under Japanese family law". Lang=ENG. || 久保野 恵美子.

Chapter 2 (pp. 13-55): KATO Akihiko. "Continuity and change in the Japanese family: Testing the family nuclearization hypothesis". Lang=ENG. || 加藤 彰彦.

Chapter 3 (pp. 57-91): YAMATO Reiko. "Is the generational contract between care and inheritance still alive in Japan?: The coexistence of gendered bilateral and patrilineal intergenerational relationships". Lang=ENG. || 大和 礼子.

Chapter 4 (pp. 93-120): SHI Liping. "Parent-child relationships and kinship in postwar Japan: Examining bilateral hypotheses". Lang=ENG. || 施 利平.

Chapter 5 (pp. 123-146): TSUTSUI Junya. "Gender segregation of housework". Lang=ENG. || 筒井 淳也.

Chapter 6 (pp. 147-174): INUI Junko. "Influence of wife's full-time employment and gender role attitudes on the division of housework". Lang=ENG. || 乾 順子.

Chapter 7 (pp. 175-192): KADO Yoku. "Women's attitudes on caring for elderly parents: Life-stage differences between an "ideal incident" and a "daily incident" in terms of care". Lang=ENG. || 角 能.

Chapter 8 (pp. 195-234): SUZUKI Fumiko + TANAKA Sigeto. " Women, work, and family issues". Lang=ENG. || 鈴木 富美子 + 田中 重人.

Chapter 9 (pp. 235-254): NISHIMURA Junko. "Determinants of employment of women with infants". Lang=ENG. || 西村 純子.

Chapter 10 (pp. 255-271): UCHIDA Tetsuro. "What problems obstruct family roles?: Gender differences in the cause of work.family conflicts". Lang=ENG. || 内田 哲郎.

Chapter 11 (pp. 273-295): SHIMA Naoko. "Effect of wives' contributions to family income on husbands' gender role attitudes". Lang=ENG. || 島 直子.

Chapter 12 (pp. 299-319): ARAMAKI Sohei. "Effects of extended family members on children's educational attainment: Afocus on the diverse effects of grandparents, uncles, and aunts". Lang=ENG. || 荒牧 草平.

Chapter 13 (pp. 321-350): TANAKA Sigeto. "Gender gap in equivalent household income after divorce". Lang=ENG. || 田中 重人.

Chapter 14 (pp. 351-375): INABA Akihide. "Non-first marriage continuing families and their experiences". Lang=ENG. || 稲葉 昭英.