Works Citing Bendel and Hua on Natural Fecundability

- a literature review on the origin of a falsified chart used in high school education in Japan
田中 重人 <>
東北大学文学研究科研究年報 (2017-03)

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This paper reports the results of a literature review on "An Estimate of the Natural Fecundability Ratio Curve" by Bendel and Hua (1978, Social Biology 25). The estimation of this work was the origin of a falsified chart on women's age-fertility profile that was featured in a high school health education material published in 2015 by the government of Japan. The author searched citation databases and collected 23 works citing the study. A review of the 23 works showed that biases and unreliability of the Bendel-Hua estimation had been pointed repeatedly. The results imply that the chart would be inappropriate for educational use, even if it were not falsified. Both the Japanese government and academics are responsible for the inappropriate chart being used without a comprehensive literature review to insure the reliability of scientific knowledge.



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東北大学 / 文学部 / 日本語教育学 / 田中重人

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