A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families

- Tradition and Modernity in the 21st Century
田中 重人 <http://www.sal.tohoku.ac.jp/~tsigeto/qfam/book/>
東北大学 GCOE プロジェクト研究成果シリーズ (2013-03-28)

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本書は 東北大学グローバルCOEプログラム「グローバル時代の男女共同参画と多文化共生」 の研究プロジェクト 「少子高齢社会の家族変動: ミクロデータ分析によるアプローチ 」 の研究成果に基づくものであり、GCOEプロジェクト研究成果シリーズの一部として出版するものである。

Table of contents

Part I. Lineal Relationships after Modernization

Part II. Structure of Unpaid Work

Part III. Consequences of the Feminization of Employment

Part IV. Family and Inequality

List of contributors

(As of 2013-03)

TANAKA Sigeto (田中 重人) (Editor, Chapters 8 and 13)
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University

KUBONO Emiko (久保野 恵美子) (Chapter 1)
Professor, School of Law, Tohoku University

KATO Akihiko (加藤 彰彦) (Chapter 2)
Associate Professor, School of Political Science and Economics, Meiji University

YAMATO Reiko (大和 礼子) (Chapter 3)
Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Kansai University

SHI Liping (施 利平) (Chapter 4)
Associate Professor, School of Information and Communication, Meiji University

TSUTSUI Junya (筒井 淳也) (Chapter 5)
Associate professor, College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

INUI Junko (乾 順子) (Chapter 6)
Ph.D. Candidate, School of Human Sciences, Osaka University

KADO Yoku (角 能) (Chapter 7)
Research Associate, College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University

SUZUKI Fumiko (鈴木 富美子) (Chapter 8)
Part-time Lecturer, School of Information and Communication, Meiji University

NISHIMURA Junko (西村 純子) (Chapter 9)
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Human Welfare, Meisei University

UCHIDA Tetsuro (内田 哲郎) (Chapter 10)
CEO, Lifestyle Construction Laboratory LLC

SHIMA Naoko (島 直子) (Chapter 11)
Post-doctoral Research Scientist, Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts, Tokyo Metropolitan University

ARAMAKI Sohei (荒牧 草平) (Chapter 12)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University

INABA Akihide (稲葉 昭英) (Chapter 14)
Professor, Department of Behavioral Social Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University


Bibliographical references:

The style for citation and the reference list is based on the Japanese Sociological Review style by Japan Sociological Society {http://www.gakkai.ne.jp/jss/bulletin/guide4.php}. Each entry on the reference list at the end of each chapter is preceded by the label in [Author Year] format (like [Tanaka 2013] for example) for citation in the text.


To present a Japanese word or name in a Romanized form, it was transliterated from kana script into alphabetical script in accordance with the International Standards for Romanization of Japanese (ISO 3602:1989) . There are, however, a number of exceptions for cases in which the author of each chapter adopted an authorized or widely known Romanization for the word/name.

Materials for translation:

For the translation of legal texts, we referred to the English translation of current Japanese laws on the "Japanese Law Translation Database System" website {http://www.japaneselawtranslation.go.jp} of the Ministry of Justice.




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