Propaganda-oriented Population Policy of 2010s Japan

- Politically misused scientific knowledge
TANAKA Sigeto <>
(Tohoku University)



The Government of Japan and some academic associations in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive medicine used a falsified chart exaggerating the decline in women's fecundity during their late-20s. It was used in a campaign to promote “scientific” knowledge about the suitable age range for pregnancy, targeting female students in high-schools. It is not only a scandal about use of falsified data violating academic ethics, but also a case of abusive use of scientific knowledge in a certain political context.

Table of Contents

Overview of the Problems

IFDMS: Misinformation with a Low-Quality Survey

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Daily Fecundability Estimates with Unknown Method (Dunson et al. 2002)

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A Trimmed Age-Fertility Chart (JSRM 2013)

[Clipping on JSRM (2013)]

Widely Used Age-Fecundity Chart of Dubious Origin

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Falsified Age-Fecundability Chart in High-school Educational Material

Process of falsification

Editorial process of the educational material

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Literature on the age-fecundability profile

The concept of “egg aging” and the changes in its meaning

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Exaggerated decreasing of the number of eggs in women's ovaries

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Accountability and Academic Integrity

Related Issues

Urayasu Mayor's speech on 2016 coming-of-age ceremony

Propaganda by local governments

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Unscientific information by doctors and organizations

The Fourth Basic Plan for Gender Equality, 2015

List of Documents Written by Tanaka

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